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It all began in the mountains

Who is SusieQ

I grew up in the mountains of WV, walking barefoot on dirt roads, picking wildflowers, singing to the animals, working in the garden, and helping put food away for the winters…

My nickname is SusieQ and I’ve always been nerdy, passionate, and awkward.


Not many people know this about me…But I actually touched a REAL rainbow!  🌈😁 As a kid, I LOVED rainbows and prayed God would let me reach one someday… 🙏


I was at my grandma’s and it had been raining, raining, raining… 🏠 Finally, it settled and the sun was peeking through the sky…While on the back porch, I looked to my right… There sat the end of a beautiful rainbow 🌈 right there in my grandma’s yard… 🤭

wet grass

Walking across the soaking wet grass with my little bare feet, I got a closer look.  It was real. I was terrified it would disappear if I dared take my eyes off it…So, I decided right then and there to just experience the moment… LIVE in that moment…  That day, every magical moment, was burned onto my heart.  I did more than just touch it…

I ran through it. I danced. I smiled. I laughed. I sang.

AND I talked to God one on one. I closed my little eyes, and just soaked up the magic. And It. Was. Magical!   Time stood still for me that day… THAT moment lasted forever!

Sometimes when life gets to be MUCH…I forget about the magic and have to re-remember…When I pull that memory up from my heart, time stands still once again…and my ‘cares’ kinda melt. God knew what He was doing when He gave a barefoot little girl her very own rainbow! 

How about we all live like a 7-year-old running through a magical rainbow in her bare feet on the wet grass! (Without a care in the world)

mom and susieq
SusieQ and the kiddos
whole family
art and susieq

the many blessings of my life

Family LIfe

I’m married to the love of my life and we have 5 kiddos and 1 grandbaby. I lost my mom to cancer early this year and when she died, I didn’t know how to move forward. My mom said something to me that has given me strength. “You’re as strong as you need to be… Whatever you’re going through, you’ll find the strength to handle it.” She was the strongest person I ever knew and loved God with her whole heart. I miss her still, every day.

if not now, when?

My Finding Joy Journey

Have you wondered: How did I get here? Where did my JOY go? I’ve struggled to find joy and freedom most of my adult life. When I lost my mom, I could find NO JOY. (no matter what I tried) I just had to grieve and be sad for a while. I even got super angry with God. That’s a story for another time. What is life without JOY, right? So, I set off on a journey to find Happy JOY (and freedom), especially when everything is falling apart around me. I found this ‘Happy Mood’ secret that helped me to function; I felt my mood go UP, and my mind calm down. Finding JOY and Freedom from life’s struggles is my life’s mission because we’ll never have this moment in time again. If not now, when? 🙂


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